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Harvest marks the end of a year’s work in the Vineyards. These are glorious days for the whole region. There is always a great anticipation and effervescence at the Winery….

Sugar and Acidity of the juice determine the optimum beginning for the cutting. The weather previsions play an important role as well since we do not cut when it rains. It takes nerves of steel to decide when to start or when to hold!

Each member of the selected harvesting team calls the Winery each day to know exactly when to show up to start!

We have about 40 People during a one week period. It takes 2 cooks to prepare all the food. The end of Harvest is celebrated with a special dinner called “La Paulee”. Speeches on the Harvest are made, people are thanked, flowers and chocolates are given to the cooks. The Wines of the Domain flow, chants and storytelling  break out…C’est la Fete!!!

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